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Suryanamaskar : 108 daily challenge

Refine the energy within you and realize the unrealized potential you have. Do it everyday. Perseverance pays off in everyway. The block is not physical, its just mental.

When I wake up my first self talk is how do I refine my energy today. The answer is exercise. The one exercise I found that is instrumental for my physical mental and overall health is the exercise of Suryanamaskar. There is a magic to doing the exercise in a set of 12 Suryanamaskars and 9 sets everyday.

  • Start small

  • Build the stamina

  • Keep a log

  • Reach 108 Suryanamaskars everyday.

  • Listen to your body.

  • Stop when it tells you to stop.

Sateesh Babu was a real inspiration for me to take up this challenge.

Check out his youtube video doing 108 Suryanamaskars ( 9 sets )

Check out my youtube video doing 12 Suryanamaskars ( 1 set ) June 3 2024

Jan 2022

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