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Shri Chaturbhujdas Ji was born in the year 1597 in Jamunavata village of Braj. His father was the great poet of Ashtachap, Shri Kumbhandas Ji. Shri Chaturbhujdas Ji had become a devotee of Shrinathji since birth and became a disciple of Gusain Vitthalnathji.

Shri Chaturbhujdas Ji was one of the Ashtachap devotees in the Pushtimarg sect.

Oil Color (2019)
36 x 48 inches

Radha Krishna are the divine couple in Hindu mythology. They are the embodiment of love, devotion, and sacrifice. Their story is a symbol of the eternal love between a devotee and the divine.

Oil Color ( 1995 )
36 x 48 inches

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