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Eye-care exercises

1x = 1 minute

We may not have the time to do all of these exercises in a single stretch, instead pick some 8-10 core exercises, and add a few on a rotation basis. Take care of your eyes.

Protect your vision.

Healthy eyes = Beautiful vision = Beautiful universe

Blink 1x

Flutter 1x

Pinch 2x

Peripheral 2x

Change Focus 1x

Palming 2x

Cool Eye Bath 1x

Eight 1x

Right 1x

Left 1x

Up 1x

Down 1x

Up Left 1x

Up Right 1x

Down Left 1x

Down Right 1x

Circle 1x

Pinch 1x

Cross eye zigzag 1x

Up down zigzag 1x

Circle out 1x

Shift near far 1x

Single near far L 1x

Single near far R 1x

Shift nose far 1x

Turn on light stare 1x

Hand circle massage 1x

2 finger eye massage 1x

2 finger vertical 1x

finger closed eye move 1x

Salt water dip eye 1x

Day Dreaming -x

Suryanamaskar 09

Pushups 100

Dand 100

Bhujangasan 01

EFT 3x

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