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Improving Vision

Art requires one to have a great observation and then put it on the paper. This is only possible with a good vision. We maintain our cars, tools diligently. Similarly Eyes are our primary tool to interact with the world around us and this is not just limited to art.

For someone with a reasonably good vision during the early years, it is crucial that they do not take it for granted. He needs to visit a eye doctor in case of a sudden vision deterioration but except that it is his responsibility to take good care of his eyes.

In a nutshell - awareness of self and your surroundings, sound sleep, ability to manage stress, fitness routine, eye care, diet choices, water intake, sufficient lighting, spending time outside in natural environment, yoga. We see the world through our eyes so we owe this much to them. The benefits of investing in yourself are multifold.

The one thing that plays a role in vision deterioration is HOW WE RESPOND TO STRESS

  • societal expectations ( society has its own ways to reward or punish us based on what it expects from us. It does not care about our inner-growth )

  • our tendency to fit in and thereby giving in into societal expectations

  • not being able to be your real self

  • depending on external validation or approval

  • self-victimization

  • self-righteousness follow by judging others

  • living in the past

  • day-dreaming

  • carrying grudges

  • carrying burden of our knowledge and falsifying others wisdom or experiences

  • rigidity

Life is simple, until we complicate it. Stay healthy, keep it simple.

Some points to remember

  1. Physical vision is a result of two main factors - our emotional state and our inner vision

  2. Our negative thoughts about ourselves and the world as to how we perceive the external reality program our subconscious memories and emotional decisions. They in turn provide affect our vision in a negative way

  3. At a physical level, bad vision is due to decreased flexibility of the ciliary body, manifesting differently in a person with far vision or near vision.

  4. Stress Secondary physical tension - localized in the chest, shoulders neck, face and jaw limits free movement and functioning of the eyes.

  5. Diet 25% of the nutrients of the body get absorbed by the visual system, it consumes 1/3 of the total oxygen intake. Concentration of vitamin C is higher than anywhere in the body.

  6. Diet Proper amounts of magnesium ( sources - avocado cashews almonds, black beans, bananas , pumpkin seeds, lentils spinach ) and vitamin D are needed to absorb calcium efficiently completely. Without adequate levels of zinc ( sources - nuts legumes, dairy products, whole grains, pumpkin seeds, lentils, beans, cashews mushroom vegetables chick peas ) the body cannot absorb the vitamin A ( sources - leafy green vegerables, oranges, carrots, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, cantaloupe, mango, white papaya grapefruit ) it receives

  7. vitamin C is required for cataract prevention ( sources - citrus fruits, berries, potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, broccoli and spinach , green chillie, peppers, lychees papayas strawberries plums cherries oranges)

  8. Life-style Spending time in Sun

  9. Life-style Lifestyle, exercise, sleep

  10. Fitness Routine Eye massage techniques - swinging ( 5 minutes ), palming ( , head rolls ( 2 minutes ) , finger tapping ( 1 minute ) , five finger eye massage ( 1.5 minutes ) , three finger eye massage ( 1 minute ) , energy transfer point massage ( 2 minutes each shoulder ) occipital point massage ( 1.5 minutes )

  11. Fitness Routine Eye movement techniques - corner to corner shifting, moving head nose eyes , moving only eyes, edging, eye squeezes ( 1 minute )

  12. Habits blink regularly every 3-5 seconds, flutter blinking, using peripheral vision, keep your eyes moving and change your focus, avoid day dreaming, rest your eyes.

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